jewellers computer till

Easy to use POS software designed especially for jewellers.

“ Learning the basic operations of the program was straight forward making our previous program look very clumsy. Having the stock come up all together on one continuous page is great, with selection options and the ability to 'total' any selection so you know how many items of one type you have and what value. My favourite part is the Ringbook which holds any item you wish and you can load photos and valuations to have on hand for staff to print out when the item is sold. As we are manufacturers it is great to be able to have photo records of items we have made for customers, or for stock, and print them on photo paper or save the files to our photo image screen, which sits in the window. I am very comfortable with the serial number system after initially being a bit sceptical but now I like having the stock always in chronological order, and also avoid problems with more than one item per number like we had before. The support Richard gives is excellent.”

Graeme Castle
The Ringmakers

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