jewellers computer till

Easy to use POS software designed especially for jewellers.

Point of Sale

Use the POS screen to process all customer purchases, repairs, laybys and debtors invoices.

Loaded on a networked computer connected to a scanner, cash drawer and printer it can replace a cash register. This is recomended but optional. The data is live, not updated overnight like some older systems.

The 5 steps to recording a sale

  • scan ( or type ) the barcode ( for as many items as you are selling )
  • select method of payment
  • get customer details
  • enter salesperson
  • confirm sale

JCT will print a docket and open the cash drawer

Also on the POS screen you can

  • take in repairs, items for valuation , customer orders
  • view the status of repair jobs
  • find a stock item
  • locate a previous sale

Gift Vouchers - you can sell serial number protected gift vouchers and have them recognised as a method of payment when redeemed.

Free Parking - if the sale process is interrupted you can Park it and allow someone else to use the computer.

Foreign Currency - if your customers want to pay in foreign currency JCT will convert the $NZ price to that currency and calculate the change. You must supply the exchange rate.