jewellers computer till

Easy to use POS software designed especially for jewellers.


Purpose - reorder stock from suppliers.

You spend a good deal of time selecting stock to sell in your shop. When you make a good choice the item sells quickly. The easiest way to increase your profits is to reorder, restock and resell that item as many times as possible.

JCT makes this easy by highlighting the fast sellers in the Daily Sales list. Hint: click the checkbox labelled “stock only” and fill in the max age (days) to narrow your search. The interval column has the age in days ( lower is better ). To reorder an item right click and select "reorder".

The item is added to an existing open order if one exists else a new order to the supplier is created. An order remains in the system until you choose to send it.

When the stock on order arrives you enter your order number in the stock entry screen. All the data from the order is automatically transferred to the stock entry screen - no typing required