jewellers computer till

Easy to use POS software designed especially for jewellers.


A large number of reports are provided. These can be divided into 2 categories, Lists and summaries.

On the lists screen all data tables can be selected, listed and totalled.

Daily Sales is a frequently used list report accessed from the till screen. It lists the sales for the day ( or any other day ).

phone lists is used to list customer phone numbers and includes a routine to check for duplicates

The snapshot report provides a quick overview

But all the heavy lifting is done in the Summary Reports section. Sales can be analysed by
  • supplier
  • stock group, category and type
  • salesperson
  • time of day
  • day of the week
  • month
  • method of payment

Each report details the

  • qty
  • cost
  • average interval ( days in stock before selling )
  • retail
  • gross profit
The results of summaries can be viewed as bar charts or pie graphs