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Easy to use POS software designed especially for jewellers.

SMS messaging

SMS text messages are sent from JCT via the internet to customers mobile phones.

Advise a customer their repair is ready by just clicking a button on the repair screen. The customers mobile number and an automated message is displayed on screen. Edit if you wish, and then click Send.

SMS text messages can also be used as a marketing tool. Select the customers you wish to target and send them an offer. The easiest advertising work you'll ever do!

Shop managers can also use sms to send a message to their own phone eg for reporting sales or monitoring certain types of sales. These alerts are 'silent', no visible clue is given to staff that the message is being sent.

This service is not free, but costs less than ringing a mobile phone, both in charges and staff time. Also many people don't retrieve voice messages due to cost restrictions. If you spend more than $10 a month ringing customer cellphones you are better off with this service.